Pagal Banadiya Phirse

Film review of “Yamla Pagla Deewana – Phirse”
By Madhu Menon

If you are planning to watch a movie called “yamla pagla deewana phirse”, I warn you: better spend the money on charity or just have popcorn. I tried watching for the first 25 minutes ( because I ordered a plate of nacho before the film started and was waiting for it) but really I felt insulted, insulted of my intelligence, whatever quantity or quality it may be…

Now, after watching this movie ( I will not call it a film, cinema or creative something) for 25 minutes with all my tolerance, for which I am known for in my friends circle, I am finding ways to take legal action against the producers, director, actors and all involved in such a disgusting public expression. Please, help me if any of you are competent enough to file a legal suite, against insulting, against spending such a huge amount, expressing such nonsense in public,…

You may ask me why did you go for such a movie…friends, frankly I requested my wife, a very sensible soul, to take me to a film that will keep me away from the sad things happening around, like the Kerala floods and its dirty political sides like the centre government refusing a legitimate charity just because of the State government is not focused on centre but left…a lot of intellectuals ( a minority, a rare and endangered species) getting arrested ( of course I was not afraid, because I have clarity on my level of intelligence and never acted as an intellectual) and frankly I wanted to laugh, my dear, I wanted to just laugh…but these guys, they really cheated me and my wife, and it was my suggestion to my wife that let us watch Yamla….and the last sad thing is that my wife now say ” compensate me for the 25 minutes of sahan shakti” by taking me to Bhutan, the only nearby place where happiness has some value…and we will soon head for Bhutan and we will remain happily married… 😜 😀

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